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HDG Scaffold Quick Stage Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding

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Kwikstage Scaffolding  

Each Standard has a 500mm spigot and the ‘V’-Pressings are at 495mm centres and provide location points for Ledgers and Transoms.

Kwikstage is manufactured to International standards within an ISO 9002 quality assurance environment and is security stamped for identification and quality assurance purposes.

Simple and Cost Effective
Consisting of only 4 main components, with no loose fittings, storage, transportation and assembly of Kwikstage is extremely easy and cost effective.

The Kwikstage scaffolding system can be adapted to suit a variety of applications and can be assembled by semi-skilled operators.

Kwikstage Scaffolding System is available in a painted or galvanized finish and can also be supplied in colors required.


  • High degree of standardization and modular components
  • System designed to increase the speed of erection and dismantling
  • Large bay size can accommodate bigger area with few components


  • Design of connections provides high degree of rigidity to scaffold
  • Pre-determined double guard rail
  • Non-slip steel stage platform
  • Systemised toe board fixings
  • High load rating and high degree of rigidity


  • Eliminates the use of loose fittings
  • Gravity fed wedges reduces human error and simplifies erection and dismantling
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Few basic units and no loose fittings simplifies storage and transportation
  • Can easily fit to various layout and height

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