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  • Consumption, revenue, market share, growth rate of concrete formwork market in 2021, history and forecast to 2025

    The “Concrete Formwork Market” shares detailed information on the key factors affecting market growth (growth potential, opportunities, driving factors, industry-specific challenges and risks). The concrete formwork market also focuses on the world’s major reservoir analysis com...
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  • aluminium veneer

    Text description provided by the architects. The new headquarter of HKPI, designed by Hong Kong-based interior and furniture design firm Design Systems ltd., epitomises a new work lifestyle envisioned by the client and the team that reflects unspoken contemporary desires. The 1,500 square metres ...
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  • Deliver goods

    Faced film plywood  have been completed,we will export to Indonesia.If you are interested ,pls tell Raquel sales6@cn-zhongming.com
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  • Types Of Formwork For Concrete Structures 9-8

    Construction materials concrete, for its exceptional properties is widely used to create building element. It must be poured into a specially designed mold, which is called formwork or shuttering. Formwork hold the poured concrete in shape until it hardens and achieves enough strength to support ...
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  • Good news about aluminum formwork

    The extensive use of wood in urban construction has led to excessive deforestation, heavy pollution of construction waste, and serious damage to the ecological environment. The popularization and application of aluminum mold system makes building construction better, faster and more economical, i...
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  • Attached lifting scaffolding equipment

    Attached lifting scaffolding equipment is a new type of scaffolding technology developed rapidly at the beginning of this century, which has an important influence on the progress of construction technology in my country. It turns high-place operations into low-level operations, and changes suspe...
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