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Building formwork-6 characteristics of building material plywood formwork

Building formwork-6 characteristics of building material plywood formwork


Wood squares and formwork have always been two treasures of construction sites. In recent years, plywood building formwork have developed rapidly, and the main tree species processed are eucalyptus and poplar. The application range of plywood building formwork is becoming more and more extensive, from cylindrical formwork, square column formwork to beam formwork, shear wall formwork and so on. Plywood building formwork mainly has the following 6 major characteristics:

plywood formwork 1

1. Large board width and flat surface: This feature saves a lot of work in the process of building construction. It does not require too many construction personnel to carry out mold support, pouring, and removal of the formwork; it not only saves A labor cost has also reduced the cost of decorating the exposed concrete surface and grinding the seams.


2. Stronger bearing capacity: It can easily bear the pressure of pouring construction and the lateral pressure of concrete; and the surface layer has been covered with a film, which is smooth and wear-resistant, and can be reused many times.

plywood formwork 2

3. Lighter material: The building formwork made of 18mm thick bottom multi-layer plywood has a unit area weight of only 50 kg. One or two construction workers can easily move the building formwork without mechanical assistance, which saves money. And it is more convenient to stack, use and manage than steel building formwork.


4. Easy to bend and form: plywood cylindrical formwork and special-shaped formwork, many of which are produced by high-temperature hot pressing of plywood building formwork, which can be easily adapted to the installation needs of construction projects to make various curved building formwork.


5. Convenient sawing: The plywood formwork can be cut directly with an electric saw, and it has different lengths or heights of construction projects, which is convenient for construction.


6. Good thermal insulation performance: The wood material has a small heat transfer effect, which can effectively prevent the temperature of the concrete from changing too quickly. It is especially suitable for winter construction requirements and can help concrete insulation for winter construction.

Post time: Apr-09-2021