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Distinguishing inferior ringlock scaffolding from quality ringlock scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding has the characteristics of strong versatility, high efficiency, strong carrying capacity, safety and reliability, and it is not easy to cause problems during use. The loading and unloading is simple and convenient, and convenient for storage. These advantages make the ringlock scaffold play a very important role in the construction of the project, and it has been widely praised by the construction unit. Due to the excellent performance of the ringlock scaffolding and the popularity of the market, many newly built ringlock scaffolding factories have appeared on the market. At present, there are many scaffolding enterprises across the country.

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Only high-quality ringlock scaffolding can guarantee construction safety. There are so many choices of socket type ringlock type scaffolding and socket type scaffolding in the market, how do you distinguish the advantages and disadvantages?

Let us share some purchasing tips with you and let us learn how to choose high-quality scaffolding.

We need to understand which type of scaffolding is of poor quality and which are of high quality. Only by learning to distinguish them can we make better purchases.


Characteristics of inferior ringlock scaffolding:

The material is uneven and there are many impurities. The density of steel is too small, and the size is seriously outside the tolerance range, so it can be weighed and inspected without a vernier at the time of purchase.

The surface is easy to mark. This is because the use of inferior materials, coupled with the simple equipment of the ringlock scaffold manufacturer, is easy to adhere to the steel, and it is easy to produce marks after rolling.

The scaffolding is easy to crack. The reason is that the blank is an adobe, and the adobe has many holes. During the cooling process, due to the effect of thermal stress, cracks will occur, and there will be cracks after rolling.

The ringlock scaffold has no metallic luster. It is light red or similar to the color of pig iron for two reasons: one is that the blank is adobe. The other is that the rolling temperature of fake and inferior materials is not standard.

The ringlock scaffold is not up to standard in strength, has poor bearing capacity, and is easy to crack or bend. It is recommended to check the product’s strength test when purchasing.

Post time: Mar-25-2021