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Ringlock Scaffolding

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Luowen Ring Lock Scaffolding is a new type scaffolding, mainly made up of Ring plate, standard, ledger, brace and accessories, it is very welcome in the world market, because of its advantages and widely application.


1.Standard:  2.Ledger:  3.Brace:





1.Simple structure: The main parts include the standard, ledger, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, and also easy to storage, transfer and maintain.

2.Flexible in setting up: There are 8 holes of the ring plate, so the ledger and brace could insert into the ring plate in any direction and any pattern, so it could achieve any request of construction.

3.Multi using: According to the specific construction, Ring-lock Scaffolding could be assembled into one or two row with different size, it could also be used for multi construction tools, such as supporting frame, supporting column, materials lifting frame, stage supporting, etc.

4.High loading: The standard actuates axially, this makes the scaffolding in the three-dimensional space, high strength and steady of the structure. The ring plate is good at axial shearing resistant, and makes the axis of each pipe in one plate, so it improves 15% strength and steady performance.

5.Re-used: Luowen scaffoldings are made by high grade steel, they are no easy to damage or out of shape, so it could be used repeatedly.


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We are a scaffolding & formwork company in China for more than 20 years, with 15 years of export experience.

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[Q]:What is your shipping port:
A:Tian Port, China

[Q]:Do you have in stock?
A: Except for small quantity, mostly we don’t keep a lot stock. We produce after customer place the order

[Q]:Can you produce customized products as our requirement? OEM
A: Yes, do can customize as customer’s requirement


Further information:

Ringlock scaffolding is a new type of scaffolding, which was introduced from Europe in the 1980s and is an upgraded product after the cuplock scaffolding. Also known as rosette scaffolding system, plug-in scaffolding system, layher frame (layer frame, because the basic principle of the scaffolding is made by the German LAYHER company Invented.  Ringlock multifunctional scaffolding is an upgraded product after the cuplock scaffolding. This kind of scaffolding, standard rosettes with a diameter of 133mm and a thickness of 10mm. The rosette has 8 holes. The main component is φ48*3.5mm and Q355 steel pipe. The standard is welded with a rosette every 0.5m on a certain length of steel pipe. This novel and beautiful disc connecting ledger has a connecting sleeve at the bottom. The legder is made by welding plugs with pins on both ends of the steel pipe.


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